Certified B Corporation Wilmington NC
As a certified B Corporation (B for Benefit) we strive to meet the highest standards for social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.


Patient satisfaction rating


Procedures we began publishing prices on


lbs of waste recycled


Utility carbon offset


Total donated dental time


Total contribution to the local economy

Dear Friends,

At the heart of the B Corporation idea is the simple fact that business impacts and serves more than its owners, employees and customers (patients)... That business has an equal responsibility to benefit the community it serves and the environment that it takes from.

As a small, local business, the B Corporation certificate helps us take an honest look at the positive and negative impacts of our practices, make measured improvements and continually learn.

We look forward to that process and to sharing our progress with you.



Provide the Best Patient Experience Possible →

Care for People Through the Practice of Dentistry →

Be Responsible Stewards of the Communities We Serve →


2019 Annual Benefit Report
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Dunk Your Dentist ThrowDr. Marechal Beach Clean UpStuff the Bus Drive
My Friend's Dentist Carousel Center B CorporationMy Friend's Dentist Team


Provide the Best Patient 
Experience Possible

My Friends Dentist Wilmington NC

Today’s healthcare industry is controlled by heavy regulation, large corporations and insurance companies. As a small, local business navigating these challenges we always look to ask “How do we continually put the patient first?”



Annual Patient 
Satisfaction Score


of Team Members
Paid a Living Wage


Standard Procedures We
Began Publishing Prices On


Care for People Through the Practice of Dentistry

Care for People Through the Practice of Dentistry

We continually look for ways to build rapport that extends beyond the dental chair while introducing more possibilities for patients to participate in world-class care.



Volunteer Events
Hosted or Attended


Dental Membership
Plan Participation


Total Donated
Dental Time


Be responsible stewards of the communities we serve.

Be Responsible Stewards of the Communities We Serve

We’re local, that means we have a responsibility to find ways to benefit the community we serve and steward the environment we take from.



lbs of Waste Recycled


Utility Carbon Offset


Total Contribution to 
the Local Economy

Partners in Sustainability

Pairing up with local and regional services to reduce waste and energy consumption.
terracycle dental recycling
Wilmington Compost Company
Arcadia Power
new hanover county recycling
“Keeping dollars local benefits locals. Our preference is to seek out local vendors and suppliers whenever possible. ”
2019 Benefit Report Highlights
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Honk if You Like Free Ice CreamCarousel Center Gala

In Good Company

Proud to join the movement of 2,500 (and growing) B-Corps around the world.
New Belgium Brewing NC
Ben and Jerry Ice Cream B Corporation
Seventh Generatio Logo B Corporation Logo
Patagonia B Corporation Logo

Follow Our Progress

We're in this together.

Does B-Corporation mean you are owned by someone else?

No. The B in B Corporation stands for 'Benefit' and signifies that we have met the credentials to be classified as a Benefit Corporation based on our practices in social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. My Friend's Dentist is locally owned and operated in Wilmington, NC.

What is the B-Lab?

B Lab is a nonprofit organization based in Pennsylvania that certifies B Corporations, in the way TransFair certifies Fair Trade coffee or USGBC certifies LEED buildings. The B stands for “benefit,” and refers to benefiting workers, the community and the environment.

How does the B-Corporation Certification work?

To receive the B-Corporation certification, an organiation must have an explicit social or environmental mission, and a legally binding fiduciary responsibility to take into account the interests of workers, the community and the environment as well as its shareholders. A company must also amend its articles of incorporation to adopt B Lab’s commitment to sustainability and treating workers well. In addition a B Corp must pay an annual fee based on revenues, biannually complete a B Impact Report (a lengthy questionnaire that measures social and environmental impact), meet B-Lab’s comprehensive social and environmental performance standards and make that B Impact Report public, in order to receive the certification from B Lab.

My Friend’s Dentist, based in Wilmington North Carolina, is an award-winning Wilmington dental practice that provides general, cosmetic and speciality dental services including implants and dental sleep medicine to patients of all ages. Widely recognized for its office design and patient friendly approach to dental care, My Friend’s dentist publishes its procedure prices, offers savings through its dental membership plan and focuses on a collaborative approach to prioritizing care with patients.

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