Can I Over Whiten My Teeth?

Can I Over Whiten My Teeth?

Know your risks when it comes to self-whitening.


Yes, It’s Easy to Over Whiten.

Achieving a noticeably white smile is easier than ever. But, overuse of over-the-counter whitening products can have unintended effects. Too much cleaning agent can damage your teeth and cause receding gums, nerve damage, tooth sensitivity and in some cases can even make your teeth appear darker.


And, Bleachorexia is a Thing.

Having an unhealthy obsession with whitening to the point of adversely affecting your dental health has been labelled Bleachorexia and has been reported on by mainstream news outlets like ABC News.If you think you could have an unhealthy obsession with whitening, talk with your dentist about safe options to achieve your ideal smile safely.

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But, Over-the-Counter Whitening Can Be Done Safely

To avoid over whitening, we recommended using American Dental Association’s approved bleaching products  because they have been more thoroughly vetted than other over the counter products without their endorsement. Just look for the ADA logo on the package.

At Home Self Whitening

Although, Professional Whitening is Always the Safest Way to Whiten

Professional Whitening combines short term results using in-office whitening with take-home whitening kits that only your dentist can prescribe so results are safer and longer lasting when compared with over-the-counter whitening.

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