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Teeth that are fractured, cracked or decayed beyond the point of having a filling, require extra stability to restore them to full function. Crown and bridge techniques provide strong stability to the tooth and restore them in a way that looks good — getting you back to enjoying healthy, beautiful teeth.

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Metal-Free Crowns — All Around Better

Metal-free crowns provide a natural tooth appearance, contain no mercury and are less likely to cause any sensitivity. That’s why we only use metal-free crowns — they are better looking, better functioning and better for you.

What to Expect

  • Impressions & Temporaries

    At your first visit, we'll remove any decay from the problem tooth and then slenderize the outside part of your tooth or anchoring teeth (for bridges). We'll take impressions of the teeth and give you a temporary crown or bridge to wear until your next visit.
  • Fitting

    At your second visit, we'll remove your temporary and fit your permanent crown or bridge. The ceramic bridge or crown is tried on to ensure an immaculate fit and is then bonded in to place and adjusted to your comfort.


Crown $1,350

D2740 & D2950

Implant Crown $2,350

D6057 & D6061

Bridge* $3,300

D6740, D6245, D6740

*Pricing for 3 unit bridge. Additional fees apply for additional units, or teeth.


How long will my crown or bridge last?
On average dental crowns and bridges last about 10 years with proper care. To care for your crown and bridge follow the same recommended brushing and flossing routine and have regular check-in visits with your dentist.
What are crowns and bridges made of?
Our crowns and bridges are made using metal-free tooth colored ceramic. This material is very strong, provides a natural tooth appearance, contain no mercury and is less likely to cause any sensitivity compared to the alternatives.
How do I know if I need a crown or a bridge?
When you are missing a single tooth, or multiple teeth, a Dental Bridge is an option to replace these teeth. A crown is a restoration that fits over the entire portion of tooth to help provide structure, stability, and function for teeth that are heavily decayed, damaged, or have had root canal treatment. Your dentist will be able to provide specific details to your case.
Where can I learn more about crown and bridge??
If you would like to learn more about crowns and bridges, we recommend:
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