Professional Teeth Whitening

A Noticeably White Smile — Yours.

Our approach to whitening combines the quick results of in-office whitening with the long lasting effects of take-home trays.

 To safely achieve a beautiful white smile that lasts, leave it up to the professionals. Our professional whitening program combines the eye-catching benefits of in-office whitening with the longer lasting effects of custom take-home trays, utilizing powerful whitening technology that only your dentist can provide.

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Before & After

What to Expect

  • Consult, Exam & Molds

    If it's your 1st visit to our office, we'll need to complete a dental exam prior to your treatment to make sure you don't have any oral health issues that would prevent whitening.Once this is complete, we'll discuss the process for whitening and your goals for tooth whiteness. From there, we'll take molds of your teeth to use in construction of your at at-home trays. Lastly, your dentist will give you a prescription for toothpaste to start using prior to whitening treatment.
  • In-Office & Take-Home Whitening

    Once you're comfortable, professional whitening agent will be placed on your teeth for 20 minutes, this process may be repeated up to 3 times to achieve the desired shade. You'll also get your at-home trays to continue treatment after the visit.
  • Treatment is Complete!

    We will check-in to review the final results of your whitening and discuss ongoing care. We'll be able to compare before and after shades to see the significant results of your whitening.

Your head turning smile,
just brighter.


Professional Whitening per Arch $250

D9972 & D9975


How long does the whitening last?
Professional tooth whitening results are very stable and tend to last for many months. Factors like like genetics, diet, age, medications and lifestyle habits like smoking may affect the length of your whitening results. Fortunately, touch-up treatments with your at home trays are easy and can keep your smile bright, for longer.
What are the side-effects of professional whitening?
The most common side effect is some tooth sensitivity to hot and cold. However, using the prescription toothpaste prescribed by your dentist helps to prevent this sensitivity. While most sensitivity resolves within a week, we schedule a check in to ensure your whitening is proceeding comfortably.
How much whiter will my teeth be?
If you follow your doctors recommendation you can expect to experience teeth that are 3-5 shades whiter. In more rare cases, we see teeth whiten 7-10 shades whiter.
Can I whiten a crown, fillings or implant?
Whitening agents are designed to only work on real teeth. Tooth restorations like like crowns, fillings or implants will not change shade when whitened. If you have a crown, filling or implant that is easily visible, we can discuss other options for whitening your smile.
Are there any restrictions on having your teeth whitened?
Yes, if you are pregnant, have untreated gum disease, worn enamel, untreated cavities and exposed roots we recommend against whitening your teeth. Your dentist will be able to assess and make a recommendation during your 1st visit.

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