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Restore full mouth function and renew your smile with custom-fitted dentures. A comprehensive, cost-effective solution to decayed, aging, or missing teeth, our dentures are meticulously shaped and colored for the ideal form and function.

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Made to Be Enjoyed.
Made to Last.

We partner with a world-class lab with decades of experience making custom dentures. We collaborate closely to achieve the ideal fabrication over a process that takes 4-5 weeks — we believe what’s made to last shouldn’t be done in a day.

What to Expect

  • Impressions

    We'll take a mold of your upper and lower jaw. This mold is used to make an impression tray that is custom fitted to you.
  • Custom Fitting

    We'll do a preliminary fit of your custom tray to make an extremely accurate mold of your upper and lower jaw to ensure a precise fit.
  • Size & Placement

    At this visit we'll use your custom fitted wax tray to determine the correct size and placement of your teeth.
  • Trial Dentures

    We'll try out a trial set of dentures to ensure that your bite is correct and they look great. We invite you to review the trial dentures extensively, since they'll look and fit exactly like the final set.
  • Final Dentures

    We'll check the fit and bite and make any minor adjustments. Your final dentures are complete and ready to be enjoyed.
  • Ongoing Care

    2-6 weeks after you've started using your dentures we'll setup an appointment to check-in and make any minor adjustments needed to optimize your comfort.

“They are perfectionists and very friendly at the same time. The work that was completed is excellent and people who did it are too.”



How quickly will I adjust to my dentures?
Dentures will likely feel strange at first. Many patients report that a new denture may seem too big, and that is what causes them to salivate more than they are used to. This is normal. Once your muscles and tissues adapt, your dentures should feel very comfortable. Most people adjust to dentures within a couple of weeks.
Will I be able to eat with my dentures?
The movements required to chew food with a denture are typically not the same movements that would be used to chew food with natural teeth, so learning to eat with your dentures can take time, for most people the process takes 1-2 months.
How long will my dentures last?
Dentures are designed to last, but they do wear down overtime. The expected lifetime for your set of dentures is between 5 and 7 years. Because your oral tissue is constantly changing it is not uncommon to notice that over time the fit of your denture changes. We encourage keeping yearly visits to monitor wear on dentures and make sure ensure they their usable lifetime can be maximized.
Will dentures change my appearance?
Wearing dentures can help support the muscles and tissues of your face. Because of this, is it common for patients to observe that their new dentures contribute to helping them look younger.
How should I clean my dentures?
To clean your dentures use a denture cleaner and brush daily. It's also helpful to soak your dentures overnight with a denture cleanser tablet, likePolident, that way they'll be fresh and clean in the morning.
Where can I learn more about dentures?
If you would like to learn more about dentures, we recommend:
• WebMD — Dental Health and Dentures Dentures
• — 8 Signs You Might Need Dentures
• Colgate Information Center — Dentures
• ADA Mouth Healthy — Dentures
• For Denture Supplies — My Denture Care

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