We'll Be Out of Network with  Humana, Beginning October 30th.

We're sorry for the change, but we always strive to provide an awesome patient experience and based on the restrictions of Humana's coverage, we aren't able to continue to do so by being in-network.
What Does This Mean For You?
1. Yes, You Can Still Be a My Friend's Dentist Patient
Most patients like you choose to pay a little more copay, and continue to enjoy the high level of care that we provide. In some cases, there is no change to the benefits you receive by being out of network. Check your specific policy to see what your out of network benefits are, or contact us and we can help.
2. Understand Your Out of Network Coverage & Options
If you have limited insurance coverage, our Dental Membership Plan can be a more cost-effective option. Dental Membership Plans start at $299/year, include regular cleanings, x-rays and exams and, similar to insurance, include 15% off all dental treatment. Unlike insurance, they have no restrictions.
Contact us — we're here to help.
 Contact Us

My Friend’s Dentist, based in Wilmington North Carolina, is an award-winning Wilmington dental practice that provides general, cosmetic and speciality dental services including implants and dental sleep medicine to patients of all ages. Widely recognized for its office design and patient friendly approach to dental care, My Friend’s dentist publishes its procedure prices, offers savings through its dental membership plan and focuses on a collaborative approach to prioritizing care with patients.

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