Our Approach

Do I need to have this work done?

Prioritizing dental work with everything else isn’t easy. We’re here to help and work with you to develop a plan built around your oral health goals.

We start with a conversation about your oral health goals, then work backwards from there.

Dentist Treatment Plan

To help simplify your care, we prioritize treatment into 3 categories based on your needs, goals, timing and costs.

1. Urgent →   2. Essential →    3. Ideal →

Urgent Dental Treatment

1. Urgent Treatment

NEXT 30 – 60 DAYS

Critical oral health needs such as advanced disease or issues causing you pain or that are likely to cause pain in the near future are prioritized as urgent and should be scheduled immediately.

Essential Dental Treatment

2. Essential Treatment


Restoration work needed to help bring back function, treat oral disease or tackle decay before your condition worsens is prioritized as essential, but not urgent. This treatment should be scheduled in the coming months.

Ideal Dental Treatment

3. Ideal Treatment

Recommended dental services to help you achieve your ideal smile and appearance are prioritized under ideal treatment. These procedures are often dependent on urgent or essential treatment needs and can be scheduled when you’re ready.

No need to fear — we welcome all questions, big and small.

And, we always review pricing and insurance as part of our standard of care.


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