Every Wednesday at noon we delight an unsuspecting someone by delivering them a fun surprise – specially requested by a friend.

We post the surprise live on Facebook so that everyone can share a smile and have a good laugh.

How It Works

1. Submit a Request

The more detail, the better. The information you provide helps us select which request is picked for the week.

2. See If Yours Is Selected

We’ll notify you by Wednesday if your request is selected, then we’ll begin coordinating details.

3. Watch Friday on Facebook

Rain or shine, join the fun at 12pm Friday on Facebook Live to watch the Smile Surprise being delivered.

Smile Surprise #1

Surprise Champagne Toast

Balloons, glasses, a bottle of champagne (non-alcoholic) and a carefully crafted toast, read on your behalf. Pairs well with friends or co-workers present.

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Smile Surprise #2


Puppies! Puppies! Puppies! We’ll bring the puppies by for an hour with these cuddly, cut companions.

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Smile Surprise #3

Friend of the Year Award

We’ll show up with a megaphone, trophy and all to let the world know your friend has won.

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Until the next Smile Surprise


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