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Office Policies
Our policies are designed to protect you as a patient and maximize the time we’re able to reserve between you and your dentist. 

Have questions on a policy? Please contact us.

Appointment Policy

We consider the time set aside for your appointment to be your reserved time. In order to allow all patients experience the best possible appointment arrangement, please recognize the following cancellation policy and fee associated with our practice.

1. Confirmation of your appointment

For appointments scheduled more than 24 hours in advance, a confirmation via text, email, online chat or phone is required prior to your appointment.

2. If you need to cancel an appointment
If you are unable to keep your appointment, please let us know immediately so that we are able to offer your appointment time to another patient. At the discretion of Port City Dental Center, appointments cancelled less than 48 hours before their scheduled time will be considered a missed appointment and a $50 cancellation fee, not covered by insurance, will be charged.

3. If you’re running late for an appointment
We realize that traffic, weather or other unforeseeable circumstances can play a role in being late for an appointment. We accommodate appointments up to 10 minutes late without rescheduling.

4. If you need to miss an appointment

We understand that last minute changes in your schedule or emergencies may arise that cause you to miss your appointment, however, missing 3 or more appointments within a year may result in a formal dismissal from our office. This ensures that patients who keep their appointments will be able to occupy timeslots that are available.

Financial Policy

We are happy to bill your insurance as a courtesy. However, the patient receiving service (or the responsible party) is ultimately responsible for all fees incurred. We require you to pay the “patient portion” at the time of service and, in addition, require you patients scheduling over an hour of time with the Dentist to pay 50% of the patient portion prior to their appointment, this may include a deductible, co pay, and/or a percentage of each procedure.

If your insurance has not made payment in full within 2 months of treatment, you are responsible for paying the balance, and your insurance company will then reimburse you. We accept cash, checks, VISA, and MasterCard. We also offer financing through Care Credit and Lending Club.

If a check is returned for non-sufficient funds, a returned check fee of $30 will be added to your account. Past due accounts are subject to finance charges. All accounts past 90 days are also subject to small claims court or an outside collections agency which may impact your credit score.

For patients receiving sedation during their visit, payment is required 48 hours prior to treatment.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Practices I acknowledge that I have received a copy of this office’s Notice of Privacy Practices. I understand that, by signing below, I am authorizing members of My Friend's Dentist and their employees to disclose information about my past and future dental treatment to my insurance company and to other dental professionals and physicians as needed so that I may be provided with the best comprehensive care possible. I also authorize My Friend's Dentist to leave messages regarding appointment times and purpose on an answering machine, voicemail, or with persons answering the phone at the numbers I give them to reach me. I understand that I will be required to sign a release form to give permission for My Friend's Dentist to share information with anyone other than those specified.
“My kids love it here. We're lucky to have found this place.”

My Friend’s Dentist, based in Wilmington North Carolina, is an award-winning Wilmington dental practice that provides general, cosmetic and speciality dental services including implants and dental sleep medicine to patients of all ages. Widely recognized for its office design and patient friendly approach to dental care, My Friend’s dentist publishes its procedure prices, offers savings through its dental membership plan and focuses on a collaborative approach to prioritizing care with patients.

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