Free Dental Cleanings
Free X-Rays & Exams
15% Savings on All Treatment
No Annual Maximum
No Processing Fees
No Waiting Periods
No Deductibles
No Downgrades
No Frequency Limitations
No Same Day Limitations
No more worrying about insurance restrictions (or confusion).

What's Included?

New Patient and Preventative Dental Services



Membership Price

New Patient X-Rays & Exam  
D0140 or D0150, D0330 and D0210 or D0274
$69 $261 Savings
Professional Teeth Cleaning*  
$59 $31 Savings
Children's Exam & Teeth Cleaning D0120 or D0145 & D1120
$99  $41 Savings
Regular Teeth Cleaning & Check-up  D0120 and D1110

Free¹ $140 Savings

Emergency Exam D0140 & D0220
Free¹  $110 Savings

Specialty, Cosmetic and Restorative Dental Services



Membership Price

Bridge² D6740, D6245, D6740
$2,805  $495 Savings
Crown D2740 & D2950
 $1,147  $203 Savings
Dental Fillings D2330, D2391, D2331, D2392, D2332 or D2393
Starting at $190
Starting at $162  $28 Savings
Dental Sleep Medicine Consultation  D9310


Dental Sleep Medicine Treatment D8090
$2,975  $525 Savings
Dentures per Arch D5110 or D5120
$1,530 $270 Savings
Full Mouth Debridement D4355
$145  $25 Savings
Implant Crown D6057 & D6061
 $1,998  $352 Savings
Invisalign Consultation  D9310
Invisalign Treatment D8090
$4,505  $795 Savings
Periodontal Deep Cleaning (SRP)⁷ D4341
$221 $39 Savings
Periodontal Maintenance Cleaning  D4910
Free¹ $140 Savings
Professional Teeth Whitening per Arch D9972 & D9975
$212  $38 Savings
Root Canal³ D3310
$646  $114 Savings
Sealants per Tooth D1351
$51  $9 Savings
Tooth Extraction D7210
$246  $44 Savings
Veneers: Bite Analysis & Smile Design D0350, D0470, D9950, D9450
$170  $30 Savings
Veneers⁵ D2962, D2962, D9940
$2,210  $390 Savings




/ year
$564 Savings



/ year
$740 Savings
Members Receive 4 
Periodontal Deep Cleanings.



/ year
$1,227 Savings



/ year
$1,990+ Savings


Are there services not covered by the membership?

No. All services are either included in your membership fee as preventative, or are discounted by 15%. There are no exceptions.

What if I have more than 3 people?

The more, the merrier. Each additional membership continues to be just $199 per person.

When does the membership renew?

Memberships renew annually, and you have the option to put your membership on auto-renew.

The prices seem very low, especially when compared to insurance, are there other hidden costs?

According to the American Dental Association, up to 40% of Americans don't see the dentist regularly. A major reason is affordability or insurance confusion. Our Dental Membership Plan is designed to give people the access to preventative care they need and make treatment options in-line with typical insurance negotiated rates.
Better. Sooner. 
Membership means you're able to get the dental care you need without having to wait on an insurance company.
“We don't have dental insurance, so the dental membership plan was a lifesaver for us.”
1. Dental Plan Members receive:
    • 2 regular adult or child cleanings and checkups per year in addition to one emergency exam. 
    • Bitewing x-rays are taken annually, full mouth series x-rays and panoramic images are taken once every 3 years. 
    • Periodontal Dental Plan Members receive 4 periodontal maintenance visits per year.
2. Listed price is for 3 unit bridge. Additional fees apply for additional units, or teeth.
3. Price does not include molar or pre-molar root canals.
4. Free Second Opinion requires valid X-rays from the other provider that have been taken in the last 6 months: A panoramic X-ray and either bitewings or full mouth series X-rays.
5. Listed price is for Veneers on 2 teeth. Additional fees apply for additional units, or teeth.
*New Patient Services are exclusive to patients who have not been seen at My Friend's Dentist. Professional Teeth Cleaning requires a New Patient Exam & X-Rays and excludes Periodontal Treatment Services.

My Friend’s Dentist, based in Wilmington North Carolina, is an award-winning Wilmington dental practice that provides general, cosmetic and speciality dental services including implants and dental sleep medicine to patients of all ages. Widely recognized for its office design and patient friendly approach to dental care, My Friend’s dentist publishes its procedure prices, offers savings through its dental membership plan and focuses on a collaborative approach to prioritizing care with patients.

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