Dental  Implants
Never miss a moment. 
Dental implants .
Guided dental implants.
Dental  Implants
Just like your natural teeth. 
The ideal replacement for missing teeth.
Guided dental implants.
Why Implants? →   The Benefits of Guided Implants →   Your Procedure →   Pricing →
Why Implants? →   The Benefits of Guided Implants →   Your Procedure →   Pricing →
There are Dental Implants. 
Then There Are Fully Guided Dental Implants.

What are the advantages of fully guided implants

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Fully guided implants rely on technology to pre-plan your treatment - reducing your risk and time in the dental chair.  

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Your Procedure
Meet the Team→

What Happens at My Initial Consultation?

Tony talks about his dislike for the dentist.

How Long Does Implant Treatment Take?

The Andress family talk about being more than patients.

What Can I Expect the Day of My Procedure?

Whitney discusses her fear of the dentist, and surprise.

What Happens After My Implant is Placed?

Hadrian let's us in on what made his visit so unusual.


Crown $1,350
D2740 & D2950

Implant Crown $2,350
D6057 & D6061

Bridge* $3,300
D6740, D6245

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*Pricing for 3 unit bridge. 
Additional fees apply for additional units, or teeth.


Appointment Questions

What are the risks associated with dental implants?

On average dental crowns and bridges last about 10 years with proper care. To care for your crown and bridge follow the same recommended brushing and flossing routine and have regular check-in visits with your dentist

What does it mean to be an AAID member?

Our crowns and bridges are made using metal-free tooth colored ceramic. This material is very strong, provides a natural tooth appearance, contain no mercury and is less likely to cause any sensitivity compared to the alternatives.

How long do dental implants last?

How do I know if I need a crown or a bridge?
“The end result was  absolutely perfect. Perfect bite, perfect aesthetic and no pain.”

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