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The cornerstone of a dental health plan begins with a thorough exam and quality images of your mouth, teeth, gums and jaw. We take each during your initial exam before discussing your goals and making a plan that works backwards from there. Ongoing exams make sure we keep your oral health on track on a continual basis.

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We provide you with a visual diagnosis of your oral health using digital x-ray technology to recommend your best treatment options.


Dentist Exam & X-Rays $330
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2 exams and 1 set of x-rays per year. 


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 Dental Membership Plan includes 2 exams and 1 set of x-rays per year. Codes D1020 or D0145 & D1120. 


Appointment Questions

Should I be worried about radiation from X-Rays?

We use digital X-Ray technology, which requires ~70% less radiation than traditional X-Ray films. If your health condition requires special attention to your exposure to radiation, your dentist may recommend foregoing those images.

In technical terms, radiation dosage for dental x-rays are as follows:

• Panoramic X-Ray: 20 microsieverts
• Full mouth Series X-Rays: 20 microsieverts
• Intra-oral Dental X-Ray: 1 microsieverts

For comparison's sake, the daily amount of radiation we are exposed to just from being alive is 17 microsieverts.

Can I skip getting X-Rays?

Radiographic images (X-Rays) are necessary to accurately assess, diagnose and treat your oral health. In some cases, if you have health conditions preventing X-Rays from being taken, your dentist will recommend foregoing X-Rays temporarily. 

However, these will be required at a later date in order to be able to successfully continue your treatment.

What are the numbers that the dentist or hygienist sometimes call out?

These are measurements for indicating your gum health and help indicate which type of cleaning you should be prescribed in the future.
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