Teeth Cleaning

Get That Clean Teeth Feeling.
The foundation for a healthy mouth and a beautiful smiles is clean teeth. We focus on providing a thorough cleaning, using modern technology in the form of ultrasonic cleaners — leaving your teeth with that unmistakable clean teeth feeling.

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We use UltraSonic cleaning technology to provide unmistakably clean teeth.


Teeth Cleaning & Checkup $140
D0120 & D1110
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Fluoride $40

Sealants per Tooth $60

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*Dental Membership Plan includes 2 exams and 1 set of x-rays per year. 


Children's Teeth Cleaning & Exam
Free for Members
$170 Savings
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 Dental Membership Plan includes 2 exams and 1 set of x-rays per year. Codes D0120 and D1110. 


Appointment Questions

How long will my appointment be?

If you are scheduling your first appointment with us, plan for your visit to take 90 minutes. For regular, ongoing cleanings plan for an hour. Restorative, deep-cleanings can last between an hour and two hours depending on the level of restorative cleaning that is needed.

Will I be in pain after my appointment?

Most patients leave their cleaning appointment with their mouth feeling clean and refreshed. In some cases, however, it is possible to have gum sensitivity to cleaning or flossing, which may result in minor pain after your cleaning.

What is UltraSonic Technology?

An ultrasonic cleaning is widely regarded as the best method for dental teeth cleaning and utilizes an ultrasonic scaler, or Cativron® machine. The technology uses high frequency sound waves blast dental tartar, or dental calculus, off of your teeth while the tip washes away debris, leaving your mouth incredibly clean.

How do I know if I need a deep or regular cleaning?

If your gum tissue is healthy with minimal plaque build-up we will prescribe a regular cleaning for you. If your gum tissue is moderately inflamed with a more moderate level of build-up we will prescribe a restorative, or two part, or deep cleaning, to ensure that we remove all the build-up to get your gums back to a healthy state.

Where can I learn more about teeth cleaning?

If you would like to learn more about dental hygiene and teeth cleaning, we recommend:
• American Dental Association — Regular Dental Visits
• AskTheDentist — Know Before You Go: Teeth Cleanings
• Colgate Information Center — Taking Care of Your Teeth
• Oral-B — The Important of Regular Dental Visits
• Ultrasonic — How does Ultrasonic Cleaning work?
“My teeth and mouth felt amazing by the time I left.”

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